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All three pocketbooks in the first wave of publications from RadioBook Rwanda.

'Resistance' is our blue pocket book and features:
- 'The Sykes are Woke', a short story by Annick La Reine Shimwa
- 'Intaganzwa Ziri Maso', a translation of 'The Sykes are Woke' from English into Kinyarwanda, translated by Emma-Claudine Ntirenganya
- mixed media collages by Jess Atieno
Set in an alternate reality, 'The Sykes are Woke' is an intricate African-futurist origin story. Author Annick La Reine Shimwa tells the tale of Shama and how she came to be the respected leader of a young and highly skilled army. Jess Atieno’s collage works depict scenes of marches and demonstrations and place women’s bodies centre stage. Together, Shimwa and Atieno are the 'Resistance' radiobook.

'Relationships' is our red pocketbook and features:
- 'Waiting for Words', a short story by Mutsinzi Eric
- 'Ayari Yarabuze Ivuga', a translation of Waiting for Words from English into Kinyarwanda, translated by Denyse Umuhuza
- portraits by Nduta Kariuki
Mutsinzi Eric’s short story 'Waiting for Words' beautifully captures a moment in time and space, and explores the tension between a couple struggling to conceive and struggling to communicate. Nduta Kariuki’s arresting portraits stare out at you, feeling familiar and full of story. Together, Mutsinzi and Kariuki are the Relationships radiobook.

'Modern Myths'
'Modern Myths' is our green pocketbook and features:
- Umuhigi W’inkuba, a short story by Jimmy Tuyiringire
- The Thunder Hunter, a translation of Umuhigi W’inkuba from Kinyarwanda into English, translated by Denyse Umuhuza
- murals by artist collective, Souls
An exploration into Rwanda’s folklore, Jimmy Tuyiringire’s short story follows Karemera as he tries to teach his western friend Deon about his family and his nation’s myths and traditional figures as well as seeking to uncover his own role in the thunder hunter’s story. Souls’ murals decorate an alleyway in Rwanda’s capital and depict three larger than life characters. Together, Tuyiringire and Souls are the Modern Myths radiobook.

The books have a unique format: paperback, die-cut interlocking cover and hand sewn.

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